Other activities

2023 2nd Symposium on Ethics and Disability "Spaces and People".
2022 Symposium on Ethics and Disability "Words and People"
2022 Summer School: “Science, Religion and Health”
2022 Lectures by Alba González Padrós and Max Pérez
2022 Lecture by Eudald Espluga "Thinking (un)happiness: sad memes and malaise in platform capitalism"
2022 Conferences "Religious diversity in Catalonia"
2021 Lecture by Joan Garcia "Philosophy of the Icon"
2019 Seminar on Political and Social Thought
2019 Lecture by Beatriz Barreiro "Democracy and Cultural Rights: Perspectives from International Human Rights Law"
2019 Lecture by Amina Hussein "Rojava: from the resistance and the struggle for survival"
2018 Lectures by Simona Langella
2018 Lecture by Michiko Yusa "The Kyoto School: A Brief and Informal Introduction"
2018 Lecture by John Willinsky "Open Access Has Always Been an Intellectual Property of Learning"
2018 Lecture by Daniel R. Esparza "Forgiveness in Walter Benjamin"
2017 Lecture by Kulkãnti Barboza "The tripartite path of self-realization"
2017 Lecture by Félix Valdés (Cuba)
2017 Lecture by Isabel Turull "Riba and Crexells: Consequences of a truncated friendship"
2017 Lecture by Stephen Plant "Martin Luther's Big Idea: Protestant Theology and one of its Social Consequences"
2016 Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the death of José Ferrater Mora (1912-1991)
2016 Tribute to Josep-Maria Terricabras
2015 Lecture by Joseph Prabhu "Towards a New Ecological Civilization"
2015 Lecture by Arcadi Oliveres "Education is not a crime"
2015 Erasmus placement
2015 Round Table "Letters and Girona: is there good communication between the Faculty of Letters and the city?"
2015 Conference by Frédéric Viale (ATTAC France)
2015 Seminar by Patrick Llored "What animal ethics for the 20th century?"
2014 Act of homage to the Mexican people
2014 Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Ferrater Mora Chair
2012 Film session "Ferrater Mora, the filmmaker philosopher"
2011 Cello Concerto by Lluis Claret
2011 Security in the risk society
2011 Joseph Prabhu Lecture "Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics after Hegel"
2011 Rafael Miranda's lectures on Cornelius Castoriadis
2011 Lecture series "Three questions: Peace, Judaism, Exile"
2010 Cycle of debates "Three debates on the future"
2010 Lecture series "Three conferences on Progress"
2010 20-year Exhibition of the Chair
2009 Lecture by Thomas Pogge "The Fund for the Impact of Health"
2009 Lecture series "Global Justice and Natural Rights"
2008 Exhibition "Homage to José María Valverde"
2005 Einstein International Symposium: 100 years later (1905 to 2005)
2004 Michel Tozzi's Lecture
2004 International Symposium "The Philosophy of Kant Two Hundred Years Later"
2003 Victoria Camps Lecture
2003 Paul Ravelo's lectures about Poststructuralism and Postmodernity
2003 Jesús Adrián Escudero's Lecture
2003 Heriberto Hernández Lecture
2002 Lecture by Rafael Pla León (Cuba)
2002 Wittgenstein International Symposium
2002 Symposium "The idea of civil society in Hegel"
2001 Research stay and seminar by Paul Ravelo (Cuba)
1999 2nd Catalan Congress on Artificial Intelligence (CCIA'99)
1999 Goethe International Symposium
1999 Intermíting IInformation, Education and Business in the Digital Age
1998 4 lectures by Prof. Yohanka León del Río
1997 Karl Menger International Symposium (IMS’98)
1994 Congress "The Problem of Reality (Simulacrum, Frontier, Intimacy)"
1991 Homage to Josep Ferrater Mora
1990 Interview with José Luis Aranguren by Josep-Maria Terricabras
1989 4 Lessons in Applied Ethics, by Priscilla Cohn
1989 Lecture by José Ferrater Mora "Modes of thinking"