Master's Degree in Religious Diversity

The Ferrater Mora Chair promotes and organizes a Master’s Degree in Religious Diversity, which is now in its third edition.

The subtitle of the master’s degree is Thought, Reality, Management and is quite indicative of the kind of training we want to do there. We are interested in getting acquainted with the whole variety of religions we find in Catalonia and Europe, what they believe, their creed. We are interested in explaining what objective situation they are in. We are interested in knowing the legal and political framework that affects them. We are interested in debating the great questions of political and philosophical thought about religion.

There is no such initiative in Catalonia (and in Spain, it seems). And yet we believe that the time has come for religion, in all its aspects, to become an object of attention and study by the university community. In all the countries around us, religion has this letter of nature. If this has not been the case in Catalonia so far, it is for historical and social reasons, but not for academic and training reasons. Religion is a cultural and social phenomenon of the first order. It is in this sense - not in any doctrinal sense, but from a strict critical sense - that we are interested in addressing it.

The first edition took place in 2018 and the second in 2019 (see the press dossier).