2022 Contemporary Philosophy. Ten philosophy books of the 21st century to keep up to date
2022 Eastern Europe in the 20th century: poets, prose writers and thinkers
2018 Introductory Course to Catalan Philosophy
2017 Introduction to Asian Philosophy (II): Chinese Philosophy
2017 Introduction to the philosophy of Asia (I): The philosophy of India
2017 The spell of Tibet. The magical realism of the roof of the world
2014 Generosity, tenderness, wisdom
2014 Recognition, pactism and patriotism
2014 Tantric Buddhism and the Tibetan tradition
2013 Reading, writing, speaking
2013 Charity, empathy, compassion
2013 Introduction to Buddhism. The doctrine of Buddha and other Buddhisms
2012 Courage, audacity and determination
2012 Love, friendship and enthusiasm
2011 Integration, justice and tolerance
2011 Competence, decisiveness and good sense
2010 An introduction to Asian Philosophy. Teachers of Asian Non-Duality: Shankara, the Hindu Advaita Vedanta
2010 Knowledge, reflection and criticism
2010 Sincerity, self-esteem and daring
2009 An introduction to Asian Philosophy. Masters of Asian Non-Duality (I): Nagarjuna
2009 Effort, discipline and imagination
2009 Intimacy, spontaneity and hope
2008 Professionalism, personal image and well-being
2008 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
2007 Secularism, good education and religiosity
2007 Civility, ecology and feminism
2006 Summer course "Country projects in contemporary Catalonia: ideological ascriptions and national liberation".
2006 Ethics applied to social intervention: analysis of ethical issues and situations affecting users and professionals
2006 Equality, non-violence and democracy
2005 Political Ecology
2005 Clash of civilizations? Political philosophy, now
2005 Solidarity, happiness and freedom
2004 Ethics applied to public management
2004 The society of doubt
2004 Understanding the risk society
2003 Ethics applied to Social Services
2002 Environmental ethics
2001 Specialisation course "Information Society and Applied Ethics"
2001 Applied ethics issues: bioethics and technoethics