History and Objectives

The Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought was created on November 2, 1989 with the basic objective of organizing contemporary thinking courses led by eminent thinkers with internationally renowned prestige. It is a chair of thought - and not strictly philosophy - because it is open to the interdisciplinary teaching of personalities from different fields, including philosophy, science and arts, formal, experimental, historical and human. It is also a chair of contemporary thought in a very strict sense, because invited professors set out the main lines of their own thinking. From its creation to this day, the Chair has regular teaching periods every year: during the month of November and during the month of June. The first lecture was led by Professor Josep Ferrater Mora in November 1989.

See also, the 20-year Exhibition of the Chair.

I am very grateful that my name has been associated with a "Chair" that will defy comparison with any other of its kind either inside or outside the country in terms of originality, effectiveness and interest.

Josep Ferrater Mora's private fax to Josep-Maria TerricabrasApril 24, 1989

A small university does not necessarily have to be restricted in its scope; a university with a peripheral geographical position does not necessarily have to be relegated to the sidelines.

Josep-Maria Terricabras

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