Recognition, pactism and patriotism

This course, organized by the Ferrater Mora Chair at a distance and online, in collaboration with the Fundació Universitat de Girona: Innovació i Formació, took place from July 7 to 27, 2014, and had 14 participants.

Recognition, pactism, patriotism: three values so closely linked to the human way of being that it is not always easy for us to take enough distance to allow us to analyze and discover the implicit assumptions they often hide. Thinking about the value of recognition, of pactism and of patriotism in our time was the central objective of this new course in the series “Limits and virtues of traditional values (the question of values in the 21st century)”.

The program was as follows:


1. The value of recognition (July 7-13)
Professor Anna Serra Zamora

2. The value of pactism (July 14-20)
Professor Oriol Farrés Juste

3. The value of patriotism (July 21-27)
Professor Josep-Maria Terricabras