Clash of civilizations? Political philosophy, now

This course, organized by the Ferrater Mora Chair at a distance and online, in collaboration with the philosophy portal, took place from July 11 to 22, 2005.

The course proposed an analysis of the current state of contemporary Western reflection on the political fact. Starting from the notion of the clash of civilizations, coined by the American thinker Samuel P. Huntington, the main models of philosophy that are currently confronting each other were discussed, from Rawlsian liberalism to the alter-globalization movements.

The professors who taught the course were Marc Dueñas, Joan Vergés and Anna Quintanas. Oriol Ponsatí and Josep-Maria Terricabras coordinated the course.

The course fully met expectations and a total of 75 students enrolled. The fact that the course was distance learning facilitated the enrollment of students from outside Girona, thus making the Ferrater Mora Chair and the University of Girona present throughout its area of possible influence and even throughout the Catalan linguistic area.