Introductory Course to Catalan Philosophy

The Ferrater Mora Chair organised, in collaboration with the Casa de Cultura of the Diputació de Girona, the “Introductory Course to Catalan Philosophy”, which took place every Tuesday, at 7pm, from 2 October to 4 December 2018, at the Casa de Cultura in Girona. The course was given by the specialist researchers in Catalan philosophy Alba González Padrós and Max Pérez, and Dr. Carla Isabel Velásquez, author of a doctoral thesis on Ferrater Mora, also participated in the session.

In this course we wanted to take a look at the works and thoughts of Catalan authors from various philosophical disciplines. The course did not follow a strictly chronological order nor did it deal with all the authors, but rather sought to give a global vision with some curious anecdotes and unsuspected affinities among some thinkers in our country.

The programme of the sessions was as follows:

  1. From the second to the fourth dimension. Ramon Llull and Lluís M. Xirinacs
  2. The donkey dispute. Ramon Sibiuda and Anselm Turmeda
  3. Darwin’s Catalan children. Ramon Turró and Pompeu Gener
  4. The Angels of Barcelona. Joan Maragall, Eugeni d’Ors, Francesc Pujols and Josep Pijoan.
  5. From reality to criteria, from paranoia to reality. Jaume Balmes and Salvador Dalí.
  6. The murdered school. Francisco Ferrer.
  7. The day will come when we Catalans will know everything. Francesc Pujols
  8. The twists and turns of history! Alexandre Deulofeu and Jaume Vicens Vives.
  9. Against the well-planted, the woman stands up. Eugeni d’Ors, Adolf Lorenzo and Jordana, and M. Aurèlia Capmany.
  10. A conciliatory philosophy. José Ferrater Mora.
  11. Being Catalan, a question of form. José Ferrater Mora and Adolf Llorenç i Jordana.