Lecture by John Willinsky "Open Access Has Always Been an Intellectual Property of Learning"

On Monday, April 30, at 12.00h, at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Girona, Dr. John Willinsky (Khosla Family Professor at Stanford University, USA), gave the lecture Open Access Has Always Been an Intellectual Property of Learning.

The conference revolved around John Willinksy’s latest book, The Intellectual Properties of Learning: A Prehistory from Sain Jerome to John Locke, and during his talk he tried to answer a series of questions: At what point in history does the concept of intellectual property emerge? Does it make sense that there should be? What role should universities play in the task of disseminating knowledge? Willinsky also spoke about the Open Access movement that he himself helped to create and which he currently promotes.

The conference was organized in collaboration with the Institute for Educational Research of the University of Girona.