Lecture by Isabel Turull "Riba and Crexells: Consequences of a truncated friendship"

On Thursday, February 16, at 12.00h, at the Faculty of Letters of the UdG -in the ILCC hall-, took place the conference of the Professor of the University La Sapienza of Rome, Isabel Turull Crexells, who spoke about Riba and Crexells: Consequences of a truncated friendship.

Isabel Turull is Joan Crexells’ granddaughter, and the Ferrater Mora Chair also invited her to present at the Ateneu Barcelonès the book Joan Crexells, obra i pensament, which we published in Documenta Universitaria at the end of 2016. Isabel Turull has a degree in classical philology from the UB, and moved almost immediately to Italy where she is dedicated to teaching second languages. Since 1987 she has been teaching Catalan at the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” and has published several works on didactics and on Italian-Catalan comparative grammar. In the field of literary research, he has also published several articles mainly on Salvador Espriu and Carles Riba.