Lecture by Kulkãnti Barboza "The tripartite path of self-realization"

On Tuesday, October 17, at 18.00h, in the Sala de Grados of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Girona, Dr. Kulkãnti Barboza, from the University of Applied Sciencies of Münster (Germany), gave the lecture and performance of Hindu dance, with the title The tripartite path of self-realization. The lecture was in English with translation into Catalan.

Kulkānti Barboza holds a PhD in Sports Science, Anthropology and Sociology in Münster, where she teaches aesthetic movement education, creative language education and international perspectives on social work. She studied Indian classical dance and yoga in India and has been a professional dancer for 20 years, performing in Asia, the United States and Europe. As a writer, she has published several works on interculturalism, dance and bilingualism/multilingualism.