Cycle of debates "Three debates on the future"

With this cycle, the Chair wanted to open up spaces for debate on the future of three specific issues: traditional libraries, Catalan at university and university chairs.

The cycle, which took place at the Fontana d’Or in Girona, began with the debate entitled “The future of traditional libraries” (see video) and took place on 30 November. The Chair has been immensely fortunate that Professor Ferrater bequeathed to it all his books, letters and private papers. The Chair therefore has a very special relationship of esteem for what a library means. With this debate, however, we wanted to look to the future and ask ourselves a number of questions. The debate was a good opportunity to talk not only about the new technologies that libraries are adopting but also about the new role that they are acquiring and their importance, both academically and for citizens in general. The debate was attended by three leading experts in library science and new information technologies: Ernest Abadal (Prof. of the Faculty of Library Science and Documentation of the UB), Ciro Llueca (Coordinator of PADICAT - Digital Heritage of Catalonia - at the Library of Catalonia) and Lluís Anglada (Director of the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia). The event was moderated by Antonia Boix (Director of Libraries of the UdG).

On 21 December, the second debate in the series took place, which was on “The future of the Catalan language at the University” (see video), and which was attended by Jordi Matas (Professor of Political Science and Administration and former Vice-Chancellor of Students and Language Policy at the UB) and Roger Melcior (student and President of the Plataforma Universitaria por Catalán). The debate was moderated by Mª Jesús Ferrés Fluvià (Head of International Relations and Strategic Projects of the Commissioner for Universities and Research).

Finally, on 25 January the debate was on “The future of UdG chairs and knowledge transfer” (see video). Prof. Enrique Mendizábal (Professor of Human Geography at the UAB), Joaquim Maria Puigvert (Vice-Rector of Institutional Relations, Society and Culture at the UdG) and Josep-Maria Terricabras (Director of the Ferrater Mora Chair) took part. The debate was attended by the UdG chair directors and other leaders of entities committed to the operation and funding of Catalan university chairs.