Seminar on Political and Social Thought

The Ferrater Mora Chair organized a seminar dedicated to the reading and commentary of texts on political and social thought aimed at debate and reflection based on a book, booklet, article or manuscript on political or social thought among professors and professionals from different academic disciplines such as Philosophy, Anthropology, Pedagogy, Law, Politics, etc.

The first session took place on Monday, January 14 and discussed the ideas presented in the book “The Ignorant Teacher” by Jacques Rancière. The session was led by Francis Garcia.

The second session was held on Monday, February 11, and discussed another book by the same author, Jacques Rancière, specifically the one entitled “The Hatred of Democracy”. Prof. Andityas de Costa Matos of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil), who had previously participated in the round table “Spain and Brazil, neo-fascism, populism and representative democracy”, took part in the session.

The next book studied was “Critique of the Victim”, by Daniele Giglioli. The debate was very extensive and therefore two sessions were held: the first on Monday, March 11 and the second on Monday, April 8.