Exhibition "Homage to José María Valverde"

The exhibition aimed to disseminate the work of José María Valverde (Valencia de Alcántara, 1926 - Barcelona1996). A writer and professor of aesthetics, he wrote poetry (Enseñanzas de la edad, 1971; Poesías Reunidas 1945-90, 1990, City of Barcelona Prize), essays (Nietzsche, de filólogo a Anticristo, 1992) and literary history (Literatura de Hispanoamérica, 1977, in collaboration with Martí de Riquer). He taught in Rome and was Professor of Aesthetics at the UB. He went into voluntary exile in 1965 in the United States and Canada in protest against the expulsion from the university of professors Tierno Galván, Aranguren and García Calvo, where he lived and taught until 1976. In 1990 he received the National Prize for Translation and in 1993 the Gold Medal for Artistic Merit.