Panikkar Seminar: Readings from the Raimon Panikkar Library Collection

In the spring of 2015, in the framework of the International Symposium of the Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought “Raimon Panikkar Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue”, the Raimon Panikkar Library Collection was inaugurated in the Old Quarter Library of the University of Girona, composed of nearly 13,000 books and more than 700 journal collections.

The Raimon Panikkar Seminar, in collaboration with the Old Quarter Library, initiated the Readings from the Raimon Panikkar Library Collection in the fall of the same year.

Several members of this Seminar decided to investigate the Raimon Panikkar Library Collection, in order to be able to follow any small thread of the immense tapestry formed by the texts that weave it, and to make a subsequent presentation open to all, in the Aurora Bertrana classroom of the same Library.

A work of dynamization of the Raimon Panikkar Collection with the firm intention of giving it continuity.

These readings have given rise to some very interesting, interdisciplinary and intercultural proposals for reflection, which have generated some work scripts, materials or texts that we make available to you as an invitation to go on a pilgrimage through the universe of the Raimon Panikkar Collection.

Click here to access the videos of the Readings.

2022 Poetry in the Raimon Panikkar Fund. Back to the deep centers
2019 Artistic representations of non-dualism in alchemical books (XV-XVII century)
2019 Raimon Panikkar and the need for a new mutation of consciousness
2019 Raimon Panikkar and classical Chinese thought
2018 Thought-provoking dialogue: a conversation with Panikkar and Heidegger
2018 The initiatory trip to India
2018 Krishnamurti in the work and in the Panikkar Library
2018 Ken Wilber - Raimon Panikkar: convergences
2018 Dharma: Hindu spirituality
2017 Wolfgang Laib: contemporary symbols and rites of spirituality in art.
2017 The Art of Meditation in the Ancient (Theravada) Buddhism of the Pali Canon
2017 Raimon Panikkar, Scientific Thought and Christian Thought (1994): A Reading
2016 Ramon Llull in the work and in the Raimon Panikkar Library
2016 The Zen philosophy of the Kyoto School. A contemplative life
2016 Poetics of thought. Octavio Paz read in a Panikkarian key.
2016 Raimon Panikkar and science
2016 Notes on the aesthetics of Hindu art
2016 Raimon Panikkar: between the Vedic experience and the spirit of rebirth
2015 The Panikkar-sūtra in the Opera Omnia Raimon Panikkar