Poetics of thought. Octavio Paz read in a Panikkarian key.

Session by Eduard Muntaner Perich, computer engineer, researcher at UdiGital.Edu (University of Girona).

The purpose of the session was to dive into the work of Octavio Paz through the books of this poet that can be found in the Raimon Panikkar Fund, and also to put aside poems and texts of one and the other to compare their thoughts.

In the document generated for the session you can find bibliography, links to videos of conversations between the poet and the philosopher, some poems and fragments of texts of both authors, a link to a video-poem, and some findings within the books of Paz that Panikkar had (dedications, comments, thoughts, poems, etc.).

See the links to the conversation in Mexico in 1984, between Raimon Panikkar and Octavio Paz, on the occasion of Paz’s 70th birthday:

East and West (I). India [54m13s]

East and West (II). China and Japan [1h11m]