Ramon Llull in the work and in the Raimon Panikkar Library

These readings were given by Prof. Xavier Serra Narciso, Emeritus Professor of Secondary Philosophy, and took place on November 30, 2016.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Ramon Llull Year, Prof. Xavier Serra Narciso searched for traces of it in the work and in the Fund of Raimon Panikkar.

The texts on Llull that can be found in the library’s collection -about ten- were sought, as well as monographs and studies on Llull -a voluminous glossary of Llullian terminology, several monographs, collections of colloquia and symposia on Llull and others. From these monographs, the significant underlining of Panikkar -from two successive readings, 2003 and 2007- was taken from the book: Amador Vega, Ramon Llull y el secreto de la vida, Siruela, Madrid, 2002.

As for Panikkar’s work, a few references to Llull and quotations from Llull are scattered. The only text dedicated to Llull: the prologue to the German edition of El gentil i els tres savis. And a significant presence in his last work, The Rhythm of Being, considered his philosophical testament.

This research generated a document that served as a script for the session, with an initial presentation and subsequent lively discussion. This document can serve as a basis and stimulus for future studies on this relationship between Panikkar and Llull.