The Zen philosophy of the Kyoto School. A contemplative life

In 2016 we improvised an open session of the Lecturas Fondo Raimon Panikkar on Friday September 30 in the Aula Ferrater Mora of the Old Town Library, where Michiko Yusa, from the Western Wahington University (USA), presented -in English- her current research on Raimon Panikkar and with whom an entertaining conversation was established afterwards. You can see the video of the conference as well as a summary in pdf. You can also see a review of his book A Contemplative life.

You can also read the list of Michiko Yusa’s works, and the video of her intervention at the Symposium Raimon Panikkar: Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue that the Ferrater Mora Chair organized in May 2015.