Seyla Benhabib


Seyla Benhabib (Istanbul, 1950) is one of the most influential philosophers in the areas of political and social philosophy. Her ideas on multiculturalism and feminism are not only innovative, but are worldwide leaders on how certain urgent problems that today’s society face should be dealt with.

Invited specialists

By indication of Prof. Benhabib, the below mentioned were also invited to participate:  Prof. Neus Campillo (Universitat de València) and Prof. Cristina Sánchez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Conferences:

Wednesday, June 8, 12.00h.

El feminisme crític de Seyla Benhabib
Neus Campillo 

Thursday, June 9, 12.00h.

Reinterpretando a Hannah Arendt
Cristina Sánchez