Sixth Conference of Philosophy of Girona "Utopias. Criticizing the present, imagining the future".

In commemoration of the World Philosophy Day established by UNESCO on the third Thursday of November -the day on which Socrates was supposedly executed-, different high schools in the region held, on December 12, 2014, a day of exchange of experiences, reflection and group work around a philosophical question. This year’s theme was “Utopias. Criticizing the present, imagining the future”. The activity was aimed at all the students of the second year of high school who are studying the history of philosophy as a common subject.

These days are intended to be a way to promote and stimulate philosophical reflection and debate by young people beyond or outside the classroom, as well as an uncomplicated celebration of reflection and philosophical thought in the public space. It is also for this reason that the chosen themes always revolve around current issues. The conference also has a strong academic component: it involves students in the second year of high school, in the course immediately prior to their entry into the university world, who will have to take an exam on this subject in the selectivity tests. In this sense, the aim is to highlight the relevance of philosophical training given its backbone character in order to be able to face with guarantees and in a reflexive way the conflicts and problems that an active citizenship in any professional or intellectual field entails today.

See the complete program of the conference and also the press dossier.