Stacking Mice and Misdemeanors. 1st Girona Conference on Inner Model Theory

From July 16 to 27, the 1st Girona Conference on Inner Model Theory took place at the Faculty of Arts under the title “Stacking Mice and Misdemeanor”. The conference was organized jointly with Professors Ralf Schindler (Universität Münster), John Steel (Berkeley).

This congress, after several previous editions held in Münster and California, brought together researchers and advanced students with interest in internal model theory, in order to communicate and deepen recent work. During the congress there were courses and individual lectures. The sessions took place from Monday to Friday, with 2.5 hours of lectures in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon, leaving enough time for problem sessions, informal seminars and other interactions.

The program was as follows:

The lectures and abstracts were as follows:

  • Dominik Adolf: “Improved results on a mutual stationarity property”
  • William Chan (Denton TX): “Destruction of the Axiom of Determinacy by Forcing on R when Θ is Regular”
  • Sean Cox (Richmond VA): “Reflection Principles and Strong Chang’s Conjecture”
  • Gunter Fuchs (CUNY): “Subversions of iterable forcing classes”
  • Gabriel Goldberg (Harvard): “Supercompact cardinals and the Mitchell order, II”
  • Steve Jackson (Denton TX): “AD and the Suslin Hypothesis”
  • Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem): “Inner models from strong logics”
  • Sandra Müller (Wien): “Long games and Woodin cardinals”
  • Dan Saattrup Nielsen (Bristol): “Game-theoretic Ramsey-like cardinals”
  • Ralf Schindler (Münster): Tutorial on “Inner model theoretic geology”
  • Philipp Schlicht (Bristol): “Definable subsets of generalized Baire spaces and long games”
  • Farmer Schlutzenberg (Münster): “Scales from mice”
  • Benjamin Siskind (Berkeley): “On the combinatorics of normalizing, etc.”
  • John Steel (Berkeley): “Hod pair capturing”
  • Trevor Wilson (Oxford, OH): “Generic Vopenka cardinals and models with few Suslin sets”
  • W. Hugh Woodin (Harvard): “Ultimate-L.”
  • Martin Zeman (Irvine): “On consistency strength of mutual stationarity with fixed uncountable cofinalities”