Ramón Turró

Ramón Turró (Girona 1854 - Barcelona 1926) was a biologist and philosopher and is one of the most interesting figures of the scientific panorama of the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century.

Turró was a pioneer in many things, both in scientific research itself and in methodological and organisational aspects derived from it. He stood out for his studies in microbiology, immunology and hygiene at the Barcelona Municipal Laboratory. Turró developed his philosophical meditations in close relationship with his biological research. This is confirmed above all in his theory of knowledge, which bases the origin of all knowledge on a primordial phenomenon: hunger.

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Ramon Turró, scientist and thinker

Malgrat de Mar, December 16th and 17th 2004
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Thursday, December 16th

Friday, December 17th


Thursday, December 16th, 2004

  • El lloc de Turró en la tradició filosòfica catalana: una lectura de l’article “Criteriologia de Jaume Balmes”, by Misericòrdia Anglès (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Ramon Turró vist per Jaume Serra Húnter, by Miquel Verdaguer Turró

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 The year 2007 will see the publication of Ramon Turró, científic i pensador, at Documenta Universitaria.

From the presentation: “Turró has a global, complete vision of the human organization, without rigid distinctions between the interior and exterior world. Here is precisely the essence of his famous work Origins of knowledge: family, and the most basic core of his thought. And here there is also another element of modernity in its approach, which at the time was a pioneer and which continues to offer many aspects of great actuality”.

See the review published in Enrahonar magazine, n. 44, 2010.

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