Revista de Catalunya

The Revista de Catalunya is a monthly publication, edited and founded in Barcelona (1924) in the midst of Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship. The historian and politician Antoni Rovira i Virgili promoted a magazine of essays (history, literature, thought, linguistics, international world) in which he brought together the best intellectuals of the time, from Riba and Pla to Ferràn Soldevila, as well as some young talents. It had a great impact and a large number of subscribers.

Call for abstracts

The Ferrater Mora Chair, in collaboration with the Revista de Catalunya and the Memorial Democràtic, is organising a Trias Symposium on the centenary of the Revista de Catalunya, specifically on aspects related to the thought - understood in a broad sense - has expressed or oozed in the pages of the journal throughout its 100-year history. We are interested in talking about the articles that have been published and the authors who have written, both in the early stages of the journal after its foundation in 1924, and in the more recent stage of the “resumption” from the 1980s onwards. In a way, the eventful vicissitudes and vicissitudes of the Revista de Catalunya are also the eventful vicissitudes and vicissitudes of Catalan “high culture”.

The call for abstracts for the Symposium is now open. The deadline for submission is 18 February 2024.

In mid-March, the scientific committee of the symposium will inform those interested of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal. Length: 2 pages maximum. It must be sent to

Papers must fall within one of these thematic areas:

  1. Philosophical thought in the Revista de Catalunya (RdC)
  2. Historical thought in the RdC
  3. Economic thought in the RdC
  4. Philological thought and literary criticism in the RdC
  5. Artistic thought in the RdC
  6. Political and social thought in the RdC
  7. Sports thought in the RdC
  8. Scientific thought in the RdC
  9. Legal thought in the RdC
  10. National Thought in the RdC
  11. Catalan Countries in the RdC
  12. Women in the RdC
  13. The Intellectual in the RdC

The Symposium will be held at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (C/ Carme, 47, Barcelona) on 19 and 20 June 2024.