Pere Coromines

Pere Coromines was an outstanding Catalan politician, lawyer, writer and economist; a polyhedral figure, not always sufficiently recognised, who contributed significantly to the history of Catalonia in the 19th and 20th centuries.

A law graduate from Barcelona, Pere Coromines was a member of the Catalanist School Association and Salmerón’s Republican party. He was a writer for La República and the L’Avenç group. Following the attack on Carrer dels Canvis Nous, he was arrested and had to go into exile in France. With the amnesty, he returned to Spain. He was a councillor and head of the finance section of Barcelona City Council. He presided over the Republican Nationalist Federal Union, directed El Poble Català and was a member of the Spanish Parliament and adviser and secretary of the Bank of Catalonia. He was also president of the Ateneu Barcelonès, president of the IEC, a member of the commission that drafted the 1932 Statute of Autonomy and Minister of Justice and Law of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.




November 30th and December 1st, 2020
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Monday, November 30th

09:30h: Inauguration of the Symposium, with Joandomènec Ros, President of the IEC, Jordi Font Agulló, Director of  the Memorial Democràtic, Joan Vergés Gifra, Director of the Ferrater Mora Chair and Joaquim Trias, Ferrater Mora Chair sponsor

10:00h: Pere Coromines i la seva època
Jordi Casassas Ymbert (Universitat de Barcelona/Institut d’Estudis Catalans)

11:45h: Pere Coromines, un modernista “entre el mite i la farsa” 
Mita Casacuberta (Universitat de Girona)

13:00h: Papers

Pere Coromines i la recepció del pensament sociològic a Catalunya, by Jordi Riba (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona); Pere Coromines i Descartes, by Joan Cuscó (Universitat de Barcelona) and Pere Coromines analitzant els papers “d’inventors” de Companys i Macià el 14 d’abril de 1931, by Fonxo Blanc (Retuired Professor of the Eugeni d’Ors Institute -  Vilafranca del Penedès)

16:00h: Entre apòstol i visionari: confessions polítiques
Antoni Mora (Philosopher)

17:45h: Pere Coromines (1870-1939). Política, economia, cultura
Santiago Izquierdo (Universitat de Barcelona)

19:00h: Pere Coromines, testimoni del segle XIX
Jordi Sales (Universitat de Barcelona)

Tuesday, December 1st

09:30h: Papers
Els anys de Montjuïc i la trilogia de Joan Apòstol, by Dolors Marín (escriptora); Pere Coromines, un filòsof president de l’Ateneu Barcelonès (1928-1930), by Jordi Jiménez (CSIC) and Metafísica i teologia de Pere Coromines i Montanya, by Jordi Castellet i Sala (theologian and writer)

11:45h: Pere Coromines, el patrimoni per damunt de les vicissituds polítiques
Glòria Munilla (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

13:00h: Aproximació epistolar a Pere Coromines 
Josep Ferrer i Costa and Joan Pujadas i Marquès (Pere Coromines Foundation)

14.15h: Conclusion of the Symposium


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Press Releases

Francesc Layret segons Pere Coromines (1929), by Josep Maria Casasús, ARA, December, 1st, 2020