Conference on philosophy and education: Philosophy 3/18

he Conference on Philosophy and Education: Philosophy 3/18 was organized in collaboration with ASSOFIA and took place at the Fontana d’Or in Girona.

During the sessions it was intended to present the pedagogical project called Philosophy 3/18, which aims to strengthen the thinking skills of students, based on philosophy as a fundamental discipline. It was also explained how this project was born, inspired by the project Philosophy for Children, by M. Lipman, which has as its theoretical basis the conception of education of the pragmatist philosopher J. Dewey.



10:30 - 12h - John Dewey: filosofía y educación, by Alicia García Ruiz (UB)

12:30-14h - Filosofia 3/18: aprendre a pensar a infantil i primària, by Irene de Puig (Director of the Grup IREF)


16-17.30 - Aris i Lisa: dos exemples pràctics, by Carla Carreras and Irene de Puig

18:00-19:30h - Matthew Lipman i Philosophy for Children, by Carla Carreras (UdG)