Thinking Narcohumanism: individual and collective implications of the world as pharmacy

The seminar “Thinking Narcohumanism: individual and collective implications of the world as a pharmacy” took place on 23 March 2022 in the Centre Cultural La Mercè and is the result of a collaboration between the Ferrater Mora Chair and the Bòlit - Centre d’Art Contemporani.

Based on the exhibition “Narcohumanism. Farmacias y estupefacientes en las prácticas artísticas actuales”, the essayists and curators, Eloy Fernández Porta and Núria Gómez Gabriel, and the philosopher Laurent de Sutter, were found in this seminar to think about the individual and cultural implications of “narcohumanism”. If Laurent de Sutter coined the term “narco-capitalism” to refer to “life in the age of anaesthesia” (which can be applied to medicines, cultural consumption and political relations), Eloy Fernández Porta embodies the narco-humanist discourse through his own relationship with anxiety and depression, and Núria Gómez Gabriel tackles the link between contemporary art and the sensorial and perceptive modifications of the individual. The seminar was moderated by Mr. Oriol Rosell.

En este link podrán ver la conferencia sobre Narcocapitalismo que impartió Laurent de Sutter

In this link you can watchthe lecture on Narcocapitalism given by Laurent de Sutter.

See here the interview with Laurent de Sutter on the occasion of this seminar, as well as the article published in El Punt Avui.