Conference on "Climate emergency and rebel action"

The conference on “Climate emergency and rebel action” will take place on April 2, in the morning at the Music Room of the Faculty of Arts of the UdG (at 13h.) and in the afternoon at the Cultural Center La Mercè of Girona (18.30h.). The entrance in both cases is free although it is advisable to reserve a place in the afternoon activity through this link.

Not long ago there were voices that dared to deny that there was a “climate crisis” and that human action on the natural environment was endangering life on the planet. Today, almost no one dares to do so. The evidence is clear. The effects are right under our noses in the form of drought, rising temperatures, extinction of species of fauna and flora, massive population migrations, and so on. The climate crisis is possibly the greatest problem ever produced by human beings. It is undoubtedly the greatest challenge we face right now. And yet, what is being done to mitigate its consequences? Governments are not taking the problem with the seriousness it deserves. What can the public do? How can we put pressure on our policy makers to tackle the problem once and for all? We want to talk about all this with people who have not only thought deeply about the problem but have also taken the step of getting involved in concrete actions of activism, mobilization or rebellion.



(Tomorrow; at the Faculty of Arts, Music Room, 1 p.m.)

Actions of resistance against the destruction of the planet: thinking, making poetry, walking... With Jorge Riechmann (UAM), Marta Moreno Muñoz (XR/RC/La Cultura Declares the Emergency)

(Afternoon, at La Mercè Cultural Center, Sala Polivalen, 18.30h.)

Climate crisis: all we have left is to rebel (reverse round table), with Jorge Riechmann (UAM), Marta Moreno Muñoz (XR/RC/La Cultura Declara la Emergencia), Quim Pou (Associació Naturalista La Sorellona)