40 of 50 years: The fuzzy logic in Catalonia

On Thursday, 12 November 2015, the Conference “40 of 50 years: Fuzzy logic in Catalonia”, jointly organised by the Lluís A. Santaló Chair of Mathematics Applications and the Ferrater Mora Chair of Contemporary Thought, took place in the Assembly Hall of Building P4 of the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Girona.

The Conference commemorated the 50th anniversary of the birth of Fuzzy Logic, which is usually dated with the publication by Lotfi A. Zadeh (Berkeley) of the article ‘Fuzzy Sets’ (Information and Control, vol. 8 no.3, 1965). After five decades, fuzzy logic is now a well established discipline with multiple theoretical ramifications and a variety of applications ranging from engineering to medicine, mathematics, economics, artificial intelligence, etc.

Catalonia was one of the first places where ‘fuzzy’ logic took hold and began to expand. For this reason, this commemorative event was organised with some of the best experts in Catalonia and pioneers of fuzzy logic in the fields of mathematics, economics, architecture and artificial intelligence, as can be seen in the programme.

The lectures were recorded and can be seen below:

They will also present two communications onLògica borrosa i empresa and Lògica borrosa i videojocs, by UdG teachers Salvador Linares Mustarós and Gustavo Patow.