International Workshop: Aesthetic Education-Hegel and Modernity

The International Workshop: Aesthetic Education-Hegel and Modernity took place at the Faculty of Letters of the UdG from 17 to 19 May 2012, and was attended by leading international specialists in Hegel’s work.

The workshop discussed the fact that in the field of conceptual correlations between a concept of freedom that is differentiated in itself and the multi-dimensionality of the concept of training, aesthetic education takes on considerable importance. At the centre of the debate was the problem of what the meaning of aesthetics and art is for a concept of training that is both operative and both historically and systematically precise, an understanding of training that does justice to the constitutive relationship between training and freedom. What does aesthetic education mean today in the Schillerian and Hegelian sense? To what extent can it be a contribution to an “education for freedom”?

The sessions were developed according to this programme.