Work by Ferrater Mora - Pictures

Ferrater Mora was not only interested in cinema. He was also fascinated by photography and over the years accumulated a not inconsiderable number of photographs (it should be remembered here that he was a good friend of the Oscar-winning Néstor Almendros).

Ferrater Mora had wide-ranging interests, a capacity for interdisciplinary relations and an enormous sense of the importance of language, of all languages, scientific and technical, as well as humanistic, literary and artistic.

Currently, the Chair, in collaboration with the Democratic Memorial of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is carrying out the inventory and digitisation of the slides and photographs taken by Josep Ferrater Mora (approximately 11,700). This graphic material is part of the “second legacy” given to the Chair by the family in 2020. With the help of the Library Service of the UdG, we plan to create a digital repository with the collection of these digitised photographs to make them accessible to researchers and the general public.