Catalonia and Judaism: Shared Identities, Diverse Relationships

At the end of the Middle Ages, due to attacks and persecutions, the presence of Jewish communities in Catalonia, which dated back almost a thousand years, was greatly reduced. The expulsion decree of 1492 meant the formal disappearance of Jewish life in the country. However, the view of the Jews and the reference to Judaism have not completely disappeared in Catalan society. Initially, this vision was based on religious and cultural aspects. In more recent times, Jewish culture has also had an impact on history, society and politics and, to some extent, forms an inseparable part of the cultural landscape that surrounds us. This series of lecturesaims to reflect on the views that have been taken and are still being taken of Judaism in Catalonia. We also see it as a magnificent opportunity to reflect on the importance of cultural diversity in 21st century Catalonia.

These are the lectures in the series: