Israel and Palestine, the voices of conflict

The series dealt with a constantly topical subject. The aim was to analyse the daily reality of the conflict and to present, through different voices and different points of view, the desire for understanding and tolerance.

The lectures in the series were as follows:

  • La importància de les idees (Nota prèvia per a plantejar el problema), by Josep-Maria Terricabras
  • Ho deia la Bíblia? Llegenda i realitat d’Israel, by Manuel Forcano
  • Palestina: el horizonte lejano de la esperanza, by Bichara Khader
  • Jueus dels que no se’n parla: la dissidència a Israel, by Lola Bañón
  • Crònica d’un dia qualsevol, by Isabel Galí
  • Els siamesos enfrontats: reflexió a distància sobre un conflicte de cent anys, by Joan B. Culla

Here you can download the complete programme of the conferences.

See also the press dossier of the cycle.