Peter Sloterdijk

In contemporary thought, the name Peter Sloterdijk is an international frontline. He is the author of Critique of Cynical Reason, greeted by Jürgen Habermas as the most important event in the history of ideas since 1945.

In his trilogy Spheres, he attempts to create (beyond Heidegger’s existential analysis) an overview of human history and the modern condition from a new theory of interior space and human animality: the ‘sphere’, the ‘bubble’ and ‘balloons’ are containers through which man thinks and feels the world in search of protection from external dangers, referring to the womb. Sloterdijk conceived postmodernity as a position that fights the totalitarianism of classical western metaphysics, the history of which must be understood as a process of globalization.




From May 3rd to 6th, 2011


Tuesday, May 3
Introduction: The Living Space
Heuristic Dialogues to clarify the basic motives of Sphereology

(Reading in Spanish: Esferas, I, Los aliados, p.27-83)

Wednesday, May 4
Microsphereology 1
Thinking the inner Space - The Sirenstadium

(Readings in Spanish: Esferas I, p. 85-100 i 431-468)

Microsphereology 2
The Egg Principle / Heidegger’s Doctrine of existential Place
Closer to me than myself

(Readings in Spanish: Esferas I, p. 297-312 i 485-549)

Thursday, May, 5
Macrosphereology 1
Geometry in Enormity

(Reading in Spanish:  Esferas II, p, 43-125)

Macrosphereology 2
Deus sive Sphaera

(Reading in Spanish: Esferas II, p. 403-502)

Friday, May 6 
Plural Sphereology 1
When Implicit becomes Explicit – Air Condition

(Readings in Spanish: Esferas III, p. 63-65 i 123-152)

Plural Sphereology 2
Indoors - Cellular Construction, Egospheres, Selfcontainer

(Readings in Spanish: Esferas III, p. 383-432 i 432-459)


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Invited specialists

By indication of Prof. Sloterdijk, the below mentioned were also invited to participate:  Isidoro Reguera (Universidad de Extremadura), Carlos Oliveira (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and Joseph Cohen (University College Dublin).


Other Activities

Wednesday, May 4th, at Centre Cultural La Mercè de Girona, Prof. Peter Sloterdijk conference: Temperaments filosòfics. De Plató a Foucault.

Press Releasses

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