Adam Schaff

Adam Schaff was born in Ukraine in 1913 and died in Warsaw in 2006. He studied in L’viv, Paris and Moscow, from where he graduated in 1944. He was a professor in Warsaw from 1948, opening Marxism to analytical philosophy. Among his works are Wstęp do semantyki (‘Introduction to semantics’, 1960), Marksizm a egzystencjalizm (‘Marxism and existentialism’, 1961), Język a poznanie (‘Language and knowledge’, 1967), Marksizm a jednostka (‘Marxism and human individual’, 1965), Historia a prawda(‘History and truth’, 1974) and Entfremdung als soziales Phänomen (‘Alienation as a social phenomenon’, 1977). From 1955-68 he was a member of the central committee of the Polish Unified Labor Party and following the Polish crisis, which started in 1980, he stressed his departure from communist orthodoxy: Die kommunistische Bewegung am Scheideweg(‘Communist movement at a crossroads’, 1982), Polen Heute (‘Poland today’, 1983), Perspektiven des modernen Sozialismus (‘Perspectives of modern socialism’, 1988), etc.