Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur (Valença, 1913-Châtenay-Malabry, 2005), professor in Strasbourg, the Sorbonne and Nanterre, joined the phenomenological description with reflective analysis. His thoughts focused primarily on the question of the will and the problem of evil, while maintaining an essentially affirmative attitude towards the negativism of other existentialist thinkers. He was a regular contributor to the magazine Esprit, is the author of Karl Jaspers’ Philosophy of Existence in collaboration with M. Dufrenne (1947), Le volontaire et l’involontaire (1950), Finitude et culpabilité (1960), De l’interprétation. Essai sur Freud(1965), La métaphore vive (1975) and Temps et récit(1983-87), in three volumes.