Open day at the Ferrater Mora Library

On the occasion of the various events organized in connection with the centenary of the birth of Ferrater Mora, the UdG Library, in collaboration with the Ferrater Mora Chair, held an Open Day at the Ferrater Mora Fund on Friday 9 November 2012. Two talks were given during the conference:

  • The arrival of the Ferrater Mora legacy at the UdG and its treatment of documents, by Lourdes Oliva and Dolores Maset
  • Ferrater Mora and his library, by Josep-Maria Terricabras

These talks, which you can see here, took place in the new location of the Ferrater Mora Library, in the Ferrater Mora Room of the Library of the Barri Vell campus. The talks were also attended by Prof. Priscilla Cohn, the widow of Ferrater Mora. During the whole day, many people took advantage of the open day to visit the Ferrater Mora Library and the small exhibition that the staff of the Barri Vell  Library set up.