Workshop: Theory and practice of the process

On Friday, May 15, 2015, the Ferrater Mora Chair, together with the Institute of Autonomous Studies and with the collaboration of the Institute for Canadian Studies of the University of Augsburg (Germany), organized a workshop entitled Theory and Practice of the Process.

The workshop consisted of five lectures and a round table discussion on the process from the inside and the outside. The participants were nationally and internationally renowned scientific and political experts, as can be seen in the programme

This Workshop is the result of the work of a group of professionals from different Catalan and foreign universities who, on the initiative of Prof. Peter A. Kraus (University of Augsburg), have created a seminar on “Sovereignty, Integration and Secession”. For months they have been discussing the work and research that each of the members of the seminar is carrying out on sovereignty, integration or secession in relation to the so-called Catalan “process”. The main motivation for the meeting, therefore, was to encourage the mutual reflection of the people who took part, but in this case it also added the perception that discussion of the “process” must be promoted in the academic field. The aim is to promote works dedicated to the theoretical and practical challenges presented by the current situation in Catalonia, as there is a conviction that the Catalan political process is of enormous interest, both in Europe and throughout the world, in matters such as democracy, collective rights and sovereignty in the 21st century.a of the University of Girona.