20-year Exhibition of the Chair


On the 20-year anniversary of the Ferrater Mora Chair, a great exhibition was organized that took place at the Fontana d'Or in Girona. The exhibition was opened on November 13, 2010 and closed on January 30, 2011, anniversary of the death of Josep Ferrater Mora, with a concert by the cellist Lluís Claret. The curator of the exhibition was Professor Josep-Maria Terricabras, director of the Ferrater Mora Chair, and  both the global design and the graphic application was the work of Quim Turon. The exhibition aimed to highlight and demonstrate the importance of rigorous thinking in our society and wanted to show the activities carried out during this period as well as the meaning and influence of these 20 years both for the University of Girona and for the Society. During the exhibition many events were organized as can be seen in the program and Josep-Maria Terricabras himself did guided tours for students. Here you can see a published catalogue of the exhibition. The program Ànima  from Canal 33, interviewed Josep-Maria Terricabras about the exhibition, which can be seen here:



Vilaweb also interviewed Terricabras on the occasion of the exhibition (Tribute to Thought: Twenty Years of the Ferrater Mora Chair):