Joan Maragall

Joan Maragall (Barcelona, 1860 - 1911), popularly known as a poet, was also the author of essays of ideological, cultural and political interest and of translations. Romantic in spirit and a participant in the Modernist movement, his theory of the “living word” in poetry has not only aesthetic but also human significance, since he understood the poetic act as a natural, non-elitist manifestation, close to society and capable of influencing it. His poetic production includes such widespread poems as Cant espiritual, El cant de la senyera, La vaca cega, La sardana, Oda a Espanya and El comte Arnau. Her translations of Goethe, Novalis, Pindar, Homer and Nietzsche are particularly noteworthy. In the wake of the Tragic Week crisis (1909), and almost alone among intellectuals, he reacted with the articles Ah, Barcelona…, La ciutat del perdó and L’església cremada, insisting on the part of responsibility that concerned the Catalan bourgeoisie. Proclaimed Mestre en Gai Saber (1904), he was a founding member of the Philological Section of the Institute of Catalan Studies.


Joan Maragall’s thinking

Girona, 25th and 26th November 2010
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Thursday, November 25th

Friday, November 26th



Thursday, November 25th

  • El pensament de Joan Maragall és, by Jaume Trabal (Philosopher)
  • Joan Maragall i Gorina (1860 - 1911). Modernisme i modernitat, per Joan Cuscó i Clarasó (
  • Responsible for musicological research at AMTP; Dept. of Culture and Media)
  • Entre la paraula i el silenci, by Eduard Cairol Carabí (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • Encara sobre el “Cant espiritual”. I sobre la polemologia historiogràfica, Ferrater Mora, la impossibilitat i la utopia, by Oriol Ponsatí Murlà  (Universitat de Girona)
  • La república i la monarquia en l’imaginari polític de Joan Maragall, by Anna Punsoda (Joan Maragall Foundation Fellow)
  • Joan Maragall i l’iberisme: un projecte germinador, by Jesús Revelles Esquirol (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

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In this link you can access all the videos of the conferences about Joan Maragall that took place during the Symposium.


In 2011 the book Joan Maragall: paraula i pensament was published, where some of the best national and international specialists examine his work, interpret and reinterpret it, and all of them show that, for Maragall, everything begins with the word, a concrete, direct word, a word that is at the same time thought and life experience.

Click here to read the article by Ricard Torrents published in the journal Quaderns de la Fundació Joan Maragall, nº 101, December 2012.

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