Seminar "Ferrater Mora and his interlocutors"

The seminar “Ferrater Mora and his interlocutors” will take place on Thursday 1 June in the Music Room of the Faculty of Letters of the UdG. Click here to download the full programme.

As reflected in the title of the seminar, the main objective of the event is to discuss the relations that Josep Ferrater Mora (1912-1991) established with a series of renowned intellectuals on the international scene and, in particular, in the Hispanic sphere.

Besides the Director of the Chair -Joan Vergés Gifra-, lecturers José Luis Mora (Autonomous University of Madrid), Juan Carlos Conde (University of Salamanca), Dr. Miquel Osset (author of several books on Ferrater Mora’s collection of letters) and Max Pérez Muñoz (who is finishing a thesis on “Ferrater Mora and the history of Catalan thought, 18th-20th century”) will also take part in the seminar.

The seminar, therefore, aims to publicise the research being carried out in the academy on the history of our country based on the history and work of some of its most significant authors. The occasion will also serve to reflect on democratic memory and on the fact that, after the Civil War, a very important part of the Catalan and Spanish intelligentsia was forced to take the path of exile and to seek support, establish relationships and carry out their work in very difficult times.

Admission is free, although we would appreciate confirmation at